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A Commitment to Independent, Knowledge-Centric Education

We pride ourselves on being 100% independent of any university or professional body. Our focus is on promoting the acquisition of knowledge through education, offering unbiased and comprehensive learning experiences. This independence ensures that our curriculum is tailored solely to the needs of our learners, free from external influences.

Innovative Education with Dr. Glen Brown's Global Integrated Learning Framework (GILF)

Experience the revolutionary educational approach of GILF, combining Global One-on-One Mentorship (GOOM) with Global On-Demand (GOD) Video Lectures. This dynamic method enhances learning by fostering personalized mentorship and accessible, high-quality content. Our courses, ranging from Financial Engineering to Strategic Management, leverage GILF's innovative approach to deliver an unparalleled educational experience.

Your Comprehensive Resource for Academic and Professional Development

Our courses are thoughtfully designed as preparatory resources for students and professionals aiming to acquire formal qualifications from universities or professional bodies. We provide foundational knowledge that serves as a stepping stone towards advanced formal education and professional certifications.

Flexible Learning Adapted to Your Lifestyle

Recognizing the diverse needs of our learners, our platform offers unparalleled flexibility. Learn at your own pace, access materials from anywhere, and balance your education with other commitments. This adaptable approach makes our portal an ideal educational solution for a wide range of learners.

Explore a Diverse Range of Finance and Accounting Subjects

We offer courses covering a broad spectrum of topics within finance and accounting. Whether you're interested in Financial Engineering, Strategic Management, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, or other areas, our diverse curriculum caters to various interests and professional needs.

Expert-Led Courses for Real-World Application

Our courses, led by Dr. Glen Brown and other industry experts, combine academic rigor with practical insights. This expert-led approach ensures high-quality, relevant learning experiences that prepare you for real-world applications.

Elite Subscription Plan for Global E-learning Portal Courses:

Overview: The Elite subscription is our premium offering across all courses on the Global e-learning portal. It's designed for dedicated professionals and students who seek comprehensive knowledge and personalized attention in their chosen fields of study. This plan provides extensive resources, exclusive access, and personalized mentorship, making it ideal for those pursuing significant advancements in their careers or academia.

Pricing Structure:

  1. Monthly Elite Subscription:

    • Price: $199/month (per course)
    • Benefits: Complete access to the chosen course's materials, including advanced modules, expert lectures, and case studies. Monthly personalized mentorship sessions and priority access to webinars and special events related to the course.
  2. Quarterly Elite Subscription (10% Discount):

    • Price: $540/quarter (originally $597) (per course)
    • Benefits: All monthly benefits with a cost-saving incentive for longer-term commitment, including a quarterly personalized progress review.
  3. Annual Elite Subscription (15% Discount):

    • Price: $1,750/year (originally $2,388) (per course)
    • Benefits: All benefits of the monthly and quarterly plans, plus an annual in-depth consultation for career or academic planning, and the highest cost-saving for long-term commitment.

Uniform Elite Benefits Across Courses:

  • Dedicated Mentorship: Regular one-on-one sessions with experts in the respective course field.
  • Advanced Access: Early invitations to exclusive events, workshops, and guest lectures relevant to the course.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access to a wide array of learning materials, including some exclusive to the Elite tier.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and peers within the course domain.
  • Career and Academic Support: Tailored advice and support for career advancement or academic pursuits.

Additional Features:

  • Flexibility: Adapt course schedules to fit personal and professional life.
  • Continuous Learning: Regular content updates to keep pace with industry changes and academic advancements.
  • Dedicated Support: Elite subscribers receive priority support for any course-related inquiries.

General Sign-Up Process:

  1. Visit the Global e-learning portal: Global E-learning Portal Courses
  2. Browse the range of courses and select the desired course(s).
  3. Choose the Elite subscription option for the chosen course(s).
  4. Select the preferred billing cycle and complete the registration with payment details.
  5. Gain immediate access to all Elite benefits upon enrollment.

Introducing Our Featured Course: Global Elite Proprietary Trading Program (GEPTP)

The GEPTP is a flagship course designed for those interested in mastering the world of proprietary trading. It covers a wide range of topics, from foundational market concepts to advanced trading strategies and risk management techniques. This program is ideal for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of trading and develop skills that can be applied in professional trading environments.

Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion, receive a prestigious certificate from the Global Accountancy Institute. These certificates signify mastery of content and dedication to learning, serving as a testament to your achievement in our courses.

Legal and Ethical Adherence

  • Distinct Identity: Our courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills, and our certificates, issued by the Global Accountancy Institute, acknowledge your course completion and expertise.
  • Clear Disclaimer: Our certificates clearly state their nature, recognized as marks of course completion and mastery of content, not as formal academic degrees.

For more details on courses and certifications, explore our Global Courses.

Risk Disclaimer

Our educational content is intended for informational purposes. Trading and investing come with inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Decisions should be based on personal research and judgment.